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Work package 1.

Effects of maternal diabetes and/or obesity on early embryo metabolism

WP1A: The rabbit embryo model

WP1B: Cellular models


Work package 2.

Human ART and mouse models: detecting the origin and propagation of periconception disease pathways

WP2A: Human ART model

WP2B: Mouse embryo and cellular model


Work package 3.

Periconceptional epigenetic programming mechanisms in knock-out mouse and stem cell models


Work package 4.

Analyses of epigenetically regulated genes of LLI compared with human perinatal profiles


Work package 5.

Data mining, bioinformatics pathway analyses and modelling of pathways and intervention methods

WP5A Data mining and bioinformatics

WP5B Modelling and development of epigenetic and metabolic intervention methods for healthy periconceptional development


Work package 6.

Management, training and dissemination